Jamie’s Missing Roadmap

Leaving home is hard. First of all, you have to move. As in, “pack up all of your possessions, stuff them into some sort of vehicle, ship them hundreds of miles, unpack them all, pray nothing got lost/broken, all while watching your bank account dwindle and attempting to maintain your sanity” kind of move.

You also have to say goodbye to everyone you know, and depending on how far you’re moving, everything you know. I have no idea where to shop for groceries in New Jersey.  Literally nothing is familiar.

Local franchises? Nope.

Street names? Nope.

Climate? Nope.

Can I understand what people are saying? Mostly…Nope (ok,ok, the accents aren’t that bad).

However, there are many benefits to making a big move like that. It shakes you up, gets you out of your comfort zone. Now everything is an adventure, because I have no clue which gas station is better, or if the address of that job interview is to the North or to the South. So you roll with it and you learn to enjoy the little things.

It is a pretty amazing experience to reinvent yourself from your preferences. Maybe you’ve always been the trendy girl who has her Starbucks frap every morning. Now you can’t find a Starbucks, so you ended up in the hole-in-the-wall coffee shop that doesn’t even own a blender. In just a few minutes, you’ve begun the transition from prep to hipster, and you didn’t even plan it.

Sometimes it’s good to stretch yourself.  Find ways to get outside of yourself and take a new look at your life.  We often allow ourselves to be defined by our environments, and when you leave that environment, you stand a chance of getting lost.  I guess what I’m saying is: getting lost isn’t always a bad thing.


  1. Moving to a strange town is always terrifying and exciting! Lots of luck! Also, WaWa is a great gas station. Clean and comparable to QuickTrip. 😉

    Hope you get settled in soon!

    1. Thanks Emma! I’ve heard a lot about WaWa, one person even described it as “a religious experience” lol. I guess I’ll have to check it out!

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