After making the move to New Jersey, I have learned that while there are many differences from Oklahoma, there are also many similarities.

People in New Jersey still go to work, go home, spend time with family, go to the beach, have farmers markets and barbecues. It seems like the obvious differences are more wrapped up in the overall culture.
However, there are a number of behaviors that I have from Oklahoma that I don’t think will ever belong here. So here is a list of my little lessons learned (so far).

No one in NJ pulls over for funeral processions. Or emergency vehicles… Which I thought was a legal issue, not just a southern thing.
In NJ they have fireflies and give you funny looks when you say “oh look! A lightnin’ bug!”
“Ya’ll” is a surefire way to get funny looks.
“Surefire” is another one.
They don’t understand that if you add “bless your heart” to the end of the phrase, you can say anything you want about that person.
The “Two-Fingered-Steering Wheel-Wave” doesn’t work. They just think you’re flipping them off,  and will most likely return the favor…

I guess when it comes to changing cultures,  you have to realize that certain behaviors stem from the culture, while other behaviors help to define the culture.

I’m sure there are many more lessons to learn, check back in next week to see what I’ve discovered!


  1. Okay, the wave thing makes me laugh! Just wait until you ask where the “buggies” are instead of a shopping cart…

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